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<do over, since I hadn't installed 0.912...and since I felt inspired, here's the re-beginning of Bud's adventure for the 2nd go-around>

I would do anything for my buddy Low, so I packed my things -- all my worldly possessions -- and I got ready to go into the Expanding Jungles of Storms. Olin reminded me to keep an eye out for food, and his words of caution kept ringing through my ears. I only had me, my stealth, a trusty knife and some potions we managed to find under my parent's floorboards. The zombie virus had claimed everyone else from the village. It was just the three of us. We'd been stupid -- or maybe smart given the circumstances -- to get ourselves locked in jail for trying to rob the local moneychanger. Being in jail is what saved us when the virus ravaged the village. When food didn't come for 2 days, we got creative. And skinny. Very skinny. That's how we were able to reach the wire that helped Olin pick his cell door lock.

After dispatching dozens of zombies, crying our eyes out for a few days over our lost families, and gathering together everything we could find that was useful -- we discovered we only had a couple days food at best. Low accidentally triggered a trap in one of the houses and got himself petrified. Who knows what other goodies are hidden in our town -- but I digress.

So I stepped up and touched the gate. It was like a child's game, running up to touch the "gate" for safety when playing Witches & Warriors. Only this time I was going through.

I crouched down as soon as I appeared, trying to make myself small and unseen. A couple Torva were pacing nearby, and I could see the glow of more critters not far away. I had to take one of these Torva out -- besides I had to take their horns to the town to cure Low. I dispatched the first quickly, and before I had a moment for regret for having killed a living creature the second one spotted me, so I had to take him on face-to-face. For a moment I hesitated, and he hit me. The pain brought me back to the present. Bruised rib, that's gonna smart. I neatly gutted the monster, and bent down to touch their horns, and they disappeared. That's how it goes in these parts...tag you're It.

I crouched down again and peered through the foliage into a nearby clearing. There's a campfire and a house beyond it. But around the fire are 2 creatures that are glowing in themselves, in spite of the fire. I'd heard of such things. Creatures who had taken so many lives that the power lights them from inside. One was a skeleton, tall and intimidating. I'd heard whispers of him: Bleakabomination the Tempest. He was closest to me. And the one tending the fire -- a large imp with a crossbow. My village wanted that one dead. Picaro the Fire Warden.

I knew I'd have to suck it up and take them on if I was going to get anywhere.... I hefted my knife carefully and when Bleakabomination had his back to me I leaped out, hacking at the place where his skull met his spine. Of course in all this commotion, Picaro heard me and turned around. I took a few blows with the skeleton thrashing at me, but managed to unhook his head from his shoulders and off it went, the bones falling to a heap on the ground.

I squared off against Picaro, but he was too smart. He leveled his crossbow at me, so I had to leap over the fire to get at him. A bolt grazed me, but I started taking chunks of flesh off him. Smart bugger, he's running around the fire, and I'm trying to chase him. Every time he backs up, he's trying to shoot at me. And I don't want to chase him off into the woods and make a racket, attracting everything. What good is being stealthy if you wake the whole forest?

I manage to lure him closer to the fire. And I''m not sure how I managed to do it, but I got close enough to stab him deep and good. The warm goo washed over my hands, and his warm body collapsed and started twitching -- so I squelched my revulsion, and started wiping my hands off on the grass. That's when I spotted the things that Picaro and Bleakabomination dropped. A cloth belt, a couple skeleton keys, a map, a vial of black liquid, and a shield.

It then washed over me. The realization that I had just taken on one of my clan's enemies -- and defeated him! I felt a rush of extreme confidence pour over me, and I felt so good my wounds no longer hurt me. I knew I had to be careful with the rushes of power that would come over people -- I wouldn't want to be a glowing monster in the woods. But BOY did that feel great. I inspected myself quickly -- and indeed I wasn't hurt anywhere near as much as I had thought. A smille lit my face, and I faded back into the shadows.

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