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(FPS wavers between 3 and 15. A little choppy, but not nearly as bad as it was before patch 0.912. Then again, I didn't spend a long time in the dungeon, where it tends to really get bad.)

My clan apparently has very bad luck with hunting parties: there are 6 clan bodies to be recovered and 2 graves to be decorated.

Recruited Leda who has painting and mining.

I was killed by Patierne the smuggler (got healing potion hotkeys mixed up). (I was killed several times by different people. Why I don't play hardcore. )

Low has a Farming skill which is listed as Other (rather than Food). Also, it might help to say 'produces food occasionally' rather than just '+50% to starting food'.

I escorted Oakley to the False Cavern. Unfortunately, he stumbled over a poison trap and was killed before we reached level 2.

Low is earning his keep as a farmer. He generates food every few minutes.

Added Shuriken and Stealth skills, which drastically changed my fighting style.

I defeated Warded Sarah (The log says Sarah (wandering recruit) died). Then she turned into a Death Knight and I killed her again.

Leda and Low got married.

I was adventuring with the Reptilian Terrors. Then I solved quests for Order of the Moon, and Reptilian Terrors stopped adventuring with me. My minion and theirs disappeared, but their critter’s health bar remained on the left side of the screen for the rest of the game. (They probably shouldn't take my minion too. I think she was listed second.)

I killed Deathscum the fire warded (amorph) and managed to hide (stealth) before his halves appeared. (Very useful bug/feature).

I was aiming for a monster, missed, and killed a barrel with Death Blow. The poison cloud appeared on schedule.

I was walking along and fell down to Caustic Grotto level 3.

I sneaked into a cave full of screes and tried to sneak back out again, but was spotted. They charged me, then an ambush hit. I was fully expecting to die (again) when a sparkling arilynvia avatar arrived. She killed all of the monsters and then went after me. I managed to duck around a corner and hide (stealth) so she went after more monsters. (Are avatars on my side or not?)
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