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Another pair of mystery messages that the Guardians and Eternal Darkness have been destroyed. Never got to meet them. That leaves only three rival clans: the Eviscerators, Reptilian Terror, and Demon Spears. Bud is very confident in Nightshades' position, since his closest rival, the Reptilian Terror, now only has a power rating of 3.5.

Bud was somewhat dismayed that his escort Oakley would not use a lifestone after he gave him a vitality potion, and had difficulty keeping up with the rest of the party.

Bud finally got Oakley delivered to False Caverns lvl 2, when suddenly a 15 minute timer begins and Bud discovers that a summoning ritual is underway. Bud and his crew hustle around trying to destroy all of the summoning candles before time runs out - no mean feat in a dungeon filled with sand amorphs. Bud also had to make a quick trip to town to dump his completely full inventory, but came right back, hacked his way through dozens of amorphs and finally destroyed the last candle with only a minute or so to spare. Bud, Olin, and Bole heaved a sigh of relief.

Bud was confused by the clan screen showing that additional quests were available in False Caverns lvl 2 when there were none (see attached picture).

Gret and Low must have been doing other things back home besides guarding the fort, because now they are married. Bud congratulates his old friend.

Demon Spears had the gall to declare war on Nightshades. Bud and company decide to put them out of their misery, and pick up 34 food in the process. Now there are only two rival clans - maybe they will think more clearly than Demon Spears.

Bud suffered his first death in the Caustic Grotto lvl 2 after multiple ambushes opened up almost all at once, and elemental damage rained down. Fortunately, no one else in the party was killed.

Bud and his party easily held off an adder naga raid.

Eviscerators were foolish enough to raid Sanbrook. Without serious effort, Nightshades quickly eliminated them and liberated 19 food. And then there was one...

With only one weak clan left, Bud opted to spend 1.35 silver for an alliance with the Reptilian Terror, which ended his journey to Sanbrook, and gave him a reward of crafting items. Bud finished at level 12, with 4 clan members (no one else was deemed worthy of membership), and one death. He took his buddies Olin and Low, along with Low's bride Gret, his new friend Bole, and headed off for another adventure.
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