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Originally Posted by Orrus View Post
Hi, I have a few questions for you guys:

1. Can you block while using an ability or casting? Say blocking while doing a whirlwind for example?
I don't think you can.

3. How are skeleton pets viable at low level? Do they get a lot stronger later?
They are viable at lower levels, but they need constant skill point investment to keep them around your level. In contrast, the Raise Dead spell allows you to raise monsters of any level.

4. Is there any gear that buffs pets? +Pet HP, or +Pet defense modifiers?
Nope, but the necromancer has spells that do that, and the warlock has demon mastery for demons which buffs their damage output.

5. Is it possible to speed run a town by going straight to bottom level and killing the Purple boss? Or is there a set number of required quests you must do before you can save the town?
Evander basically covered this one. The only thing that is required to save a town is to finish the non-optional quests. A few of those might be kiling bosses, but they may very well not be on the bottom floor. Also, more mandatory quests may be generated as you go.
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