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Default Defending from bounty hunters on Expert

Hi, guys. Loving the game, especially how with raise in levels different things change in unexpected ways making you change your tactics and build.

Anyways I am at level 40. Playing challenge map marked with level 36.
And bounty hunters kill me in 4 shots if not quicker while most enemies need at least dozen of shots, its such a difference in power from bosses and races ships that seems unbalanced. At least I die barley being able to damage those bounty hunters.
Anyone else had such problems? And luck or tips on how to counter them?
I am trying improve my defense and have such stats:
Shields 930
Armor 540
Structure 270
Resistances from 8% to 31%

I am currently trying to improve armor and structure but does not help, after that am thinking to try improving resistances.

What builds you guys are using around that time?
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