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-Completely using up a crafting material to nothing, probably should switch the cursor back to normal (pointing hand).

-I know it was requested for "show bags" to be removed, but now the equipment screen can get in the way if a player opens their inventory before opening stash bags (at least for a character that starts getting bigger bags) in this instance, maybe good to have have player bags automatically opened here right when you click on a stash chest? Unless you might be planning on other interface changes down the road.

-On gifts screen it would be useful to know (like on Expedition screen) in red text, who has bad relations with another.

-On diplomacy/trading, it feels weird buying an Orc Slayer weapon from the Orc clan The Horde, that I end up killing them with, soon after. I'm thinking clans shouldn't be allowed to offer weapons that are good at killing their kind, even if it's a tad bit humorous.

-I don't know if there is a way to edit the assets file to accomplish this, but it would be cool to have a "one and done" kind of way of playing a map. Meaning, levels go up faster knowning the character won't exists beyond this single playthrough and map. And of course the same goes for everything else in the world, like followers/monsters/clans, would say get 3-5 levels each time you or they would normally level once.
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