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I think the multiple town idea works better for Depths II than the dungeon crawl, although we are improving from Depths I which only has one town ever. Each game starting in a different town with many various problems to solve is going to be fun. Unless there were underground towns, I don't know how to work multiple towns in one game???

It will be like Depths I where you continue on with your character after winning a world. Another different thing will be the quest line. Instead of one straight line with random stuff thrown in, there'll be a grab bag of quest lines. Each game will get one main line plus some of the random stuff.

I can't tell you how excited I am for this new game. Steven talks about his ideas all the time and they are AWESOME. If I could be playing the game right now, I would! You are going to have more influence on the world than I've ever seen in any other game. Depths barely touched the surface of what the dungeon crawl is going to do.

I'm wracking my brain for a name for this game. There isn't one big bad guy, there isn't one main quest line, there isn't one town or starting scenario. Ahhhhhg! What to do!
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