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Hope it's not an issue that I have been opening multiple threads, but I feel like different questions should go different places.

Anywhosal, after perusing the games asset files and reading through the forums I decided to take a whack at making my own inventory, or bag mod. pleased to say that I got everything to work as intended as far as changing the bags inventory grids, even to the point of creating new mnu files for the larger bags i created. That said however, I am curious because I saw in another bag post that bags cannot have modifiers, and after some testing I found that while i can get bags to spawn with modifiers they do not actually affect my characters stats. So I thought maybe I could cheese the game by setting bags up as proper equipment items such as weapons or armor. So far I have only really tested the theory by trying to put a size rating on regular armor to see if they would behave like bags. The answer is no. So I am wondering now if the game is hard coded to only handle inventory as its currently set up. would love to know if im wasting my time
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