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Sounds pretty awesome -- like a mix of the crew from Pirates! with some elements of Jagged Alliance.

What I'd recommend is to consider taking more inspiration from Jagged Alliance and to give them some sort of personality. In Jagged Alliance, your life becomes complicated by the fact that each mercenary has a different personality. Some like partying, some are crazy and when you give them orders might decide to ignore you, and some don't get along. Using something similar to the personality randomization you have going in DC, you could have some crew members:
- be racist against other races
- be sexist
- want to get some R&R every couple of missions (stopping at bars and such)
- want a lot of money
- want a lot of space on your ship

Some would hate specific other members (past vendettas) and become steadily more unhappy as they're matched with them. Others will demand to work together with specific crew members, and quit if those other members quit or are killed.

Additionally, you could have your orientation affect crew member morale as in Baldur's Gate. If you're a good guy, trying to be honest, and you don't kill innocents, good crew members will stay with you. If you're evil and carry out shady deals, good crew members will become unhappy and bad guys will join you.
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