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Thanks for this explanation
I don't understand how and where players can hire crew memebers? From planets? From missions?
I like also crews can generate personal missions and if player ignore that missions too much, they can leave.
I love also to see my old crew members as new allies or enemies, maybe as new Drox Operative ? This sounds cool !

I agree with randomization for crew members attributes, attitudes and story, but if I may ask you: there is a screen with all information about a crew member, or just stats? Are they just a "slot" in my inventory or part of the story ? For part of the story I mean interacting in dialogue with other npc (think nwn 1&2 or Baldur's Gate)

About leveling up of crew members. How this will happen? Automatic leveling up or player can choose specialization in different attributes?

Will be crew members part of micro-management of Drox ?

Thanks again
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