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Default Impossible drox guild quests

About 30 minutes into a new sector I get a mandatory drox guild quest. I have an hour and a half to help a race I havent met yet get to first place. Not first place amongst all regular races, but higher than the invading ancient race too. Takes me 45 minutes fighting through 14 systems just to reach this race (again, that I previously hadnt met yet).

At this point I have 30 minutes left and they are in third place. The leading race, an ancient, has twice the strength of the 2nd place race at this point. So this quest fails and the sector ends as even if I had the full hour and a half there is no way I could a) explore enough of the galaxy in time to b) find the race I need to help to c) destroy all the races in front of it while d) defending it from destruction. 2nd time now ive failed a sector due to a mandatory drox quest that just cannot be done in the time allotted.

Please make these quests non-sector failing and much more sensible (like help a race youve already met etc)
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