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I would welcome any or all of the following:
  • A penalty (fee, loss of fear/legend/diplomacy points, all items broken) instead of losing the sector
  • Another quest spawns which would allow me to delete the Drox Guild quest
  • Choice 1 of 2 or more options for which Drox quest to do
  • Since the Drox quest rewards are pitiful, the Drox quest difficulty should reflect that.

For the second time, I had Drox Guild on light involvement, and it led to an instant loss.

After a long time getting three other races Allied and at 100 diplomacy, the only enemies left were the Cortex and a recently spawned Talon (which declared War on everyone right away). While I am sieging the last Cortex planet, the Drox Guild says I have to be Allied with the Talon. My allies wiped out the Talon (too far away from the Cortex planet I was attacking), so that sector ends. I went from from victoryin sight to defeat in two minutes.

In another similar situation, I had to make the (recently spawned, warring) Talon the most powerful race.
One planet, one ship for the Talon.
The other 3 races that I spent hours building up had about 40 planets / 100 ships apiece. (And my ship was maybe a match for 2 alien ships at a time, but not a fleet.)

I like the idea of mandatory unusual quests, but if its going to stay like this, I'm turning it off.
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