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Oh boy! I'm thrilled to hear you're working on Drox 2. So thrilled I have some more suggestions to throw on the pile:

1. Differentiate between faction-advantaging and general-welfare missions. Helping an enemy faction finish their research or colonize a planet should piss off my allies, yes. Killing a monster boss who's planning on killing everyone or destroying a device causing ion storms everywhere shouldn't make my allies angry just because the unpopular kid suggested it.

2. Change the way energy supply works. Right now it's really unfun to get into a swarm of monsters and shoot your guns empty then just be stuck waiting to regenerate or gobbling down mana potions to be able to do anything. I have two possible suggestions:

a) Take a cue from space sims like Freespace 2 and have two independently charging energy pools, one offensive one defensive. For example: a weapon power pool and an afterburner power pool. The player alternates between shooting and dodging so the action remains nonstop.

b) Instead of functioning like a spell mana pool, have your energy stat control weapon firing rates.

3. This one is a major change, but I think it would really improve the experience by making it feel more like the player is a space-spy:

Make the races have larger fleets that are much more dangerous to tackle head-on, but have more of the individual pieces of their infrastructure represented by destroyable structures (shipyards, habitat domes, solar collectors, etc).

Change cloaking devices into a Drox-exclusive system, possibly with expanded customization options, to represent why Drox mercenaries should be so valued by the races since the Drox can do deep strikes against the enemy's infrastructure where their own fleets can't reach.

Implement the "crafting table" mechanic from Din's Legacy at every functional gate in the game so a Drox player can operate deep in enemy space for extended periods of time.

Really looking forward to Drox 2!
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