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Originally Posted by Magmoo View Post
First let me say that I was able to play the demo fine and yes I've updated my video drivers several times since I encountered this problem. I have been able to run much more demanding games just fine both before and after so it is not a capabilities issue.
So what's my problem. Shortly after I have finished setting up a game and the world has loaded my computer will turn off. Not lock up. Not get choppy and crash. One second I'm running around collecting the starter quests the next it's off as though I'd pressed the power button. This has not happened with anything else and I am completely mystified. Please help. Preemptive thank you-s all around.
Wow. That has to be one of the strangest issue with the game that's been encountered. The only thing I can think of that would cause the computer to shut down is overheating. It's possible that other games are using the GPU (graphics card) more, causing the GPU fans to work harder and thus cooling your computer, while for some reason your CPU is working hard here and the fans aren't reacting. I suggest trying something that taxes your CPU to the maximum for a while and checking the temperatures. You might want to try using the info here.
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