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Default Dont know how you guys post all the attributes and stuff

This is my first post in this forum

I found out about this game about 4 years ago when I found its Demo on one of those CDs you get from PC Magazine.

I instantly loved it and is still one of my favourite game even after trying out Din's Curse , Torch Light , AOE 3 , Dota2 , WoW.

I got to level 71 warrior after I bought the full game and then the journey upward was wayyy too difficult with the Xps you get from killing Draaieen and Ciglio the only way of increasing the Xp bar in any way.

My attributes are

Strength : 125 ---> Base Amount , 252
Dexterity : 125 ---> Base Amount , 192
Vitality : 150 , Total - 383
Intelligence : 89
Spirit - 42
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