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Originally Posted by Sedlex View Post
You can have them if two of the forum zom- *cough*, forum regulars post here saying they love missile defense as it stands.
I haven't tried them in several releases, but this is definitely one thing that renders the hive ship one of the least desirable in the game. I've tried several types of missile defense, again not for several releases, but I didn't find any of them worthy of a slot, and I agree with your dexterity/button-push competition issues. When it comes down to it, it's much more efficient for me to use a normal weapon and occasionally target a hot missile coming up my jetstream than it is for me to have any weapon that ONLY targets missiles.

I agree with the automation + cooldown. Push a button once, 15 or 30 seconds of "missile-free" breathing space, then gotta wait a bit before I can do it again. In other words, "Make it so, Number One." -- I'm busy being the captain. I can't be bothered with targeting incoming missiles all the time.
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