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Agreed, I can't justify giving up a slot for missile defense. I think that like escape pods, they should increase defense by a moderate amount as well to simulate the counter measures being able to occasionally blunt light or kinetic energy from the other two types of weapons...I also agree with an overhaul to the targeting logic such that additional missiles are targeted after the destruction of the first one automatically.

Another option that seems more fun than the defense increase is to allow antimissile systems to target other ships for minor damage plus a 250-500ms attack(tohit%) decrease after each hit...the autocannon effect of hitting sensors and external weapon ports relentlessly without being able to penetrate most of the material defenses...

edit* and I should say that the inspiration for this idea comes from playing Wargame: European Escalation, where autocannon-armed apcs can suppress tanks even as the chance for damage even to the side armor is very low.

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