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Default Simple Tweaks - Din's Legacy Mod

Simple Tweaks - Din's Legacy Mod

Simple Tweaks is a collection of mods that modifies the game in a modular way. These tweaks provide an enhanced gameplay experience by reducing cheese, the necessity of unfun activities (world hopping for vendors) and rebalancing some aspects of the game.

If you don't like a tweak, then simply delete the relevant 'gdb' file in the mod's downloaded zip file and its gone. Or, if you want to modify it, then you can easily edit the numbers in the files since everything is structured in a very user-friendly manner.

How to Install:

Download from:!dB0ERQZL!Q0kUaX_Xs...R_DjHVMy L1fk

And, like all mods, install to:

[Your Steam Install Location]\Steam\steamapps\common\Din's Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets
For example, my install location is: A:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Din's Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets

Note: You can also put the file in some other locations if you prefer, but there is no difference between where it is put as far as I know as long as you get the file to load. And, the location above will do just that.

The Tweaks:


Gives unique, artifact and legendary items 5, 6, and 7 random legendary modifiers. This mod is very much intended to be used with 'moreLegendaryItems.gdb'.


Alternate color scheme for the name's of higher rarity monsters; ie: no longer all orange.


Removes the Scavanger mutation from the pool of mutations that you can get. Simple.


Increases resistance and armor caps to 95%. Note, that it will still be EXTREMELY hard to reach these caps (assuming that it is even possible).


Causes monsters of higher ranks to spawn naturally in the world. Safer terrains like plains are now much more peaceful than deserts and dungeons, and night time is harder too. Naturally, high ranked monsters will only appear in areas with a high enough level to be worthy of their presence.


A list of unique, artifact and legendary items with blank attributes that causes the game to generate completely random unique, artifact and legendary items. Playthroughs will now be much more random!


Makes leveling up require more experience starting from level 1. The level curve is also much more smooth than before.


Sets the spawn rate of the combat experience affix to zero.


Set items are always upgraded to unique items, so no more set items will drop. Artifact and Legendary items are now more frequently dropped.


For the masochist in us all!

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