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One thing that I think needs to be reworked for a Drox 2 is the rarity system. It simply doesn't work well given way the item system works in Drox.

In the fantasy games, you basically have 2 main stats: damage and armor, with armor coming from many items. If you get a lot of extra attributes, that's a nice bonus, often making up for a lower damage, but especially lower armor, given how many armor items you have.

Each component in Drox is utilized for its primary attribute more than anything else, given the limited slots and power constraints. What you want is the maximum primary attribute you can get for the least amount of power, and a rare item cannot compensate for its lower primary attribute or high power usage by having other attributes. The rarity of the items therefore needs to be reworked to be mostly about the primary attribute per power, with extra attributes being a relatively minor addition.
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