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* Since Drox is already a WASD-driven game, it may be easiest to expand Drox 2 to be even more controller-friendly, or even controller-first. The next step after that is to allow for split-screen local gaming.

* One thing that's missing in Drox is a clear differentiation between star systems. They have similar-sounding names, but the beautiful backgrounds aren't easy to associate with particular systems. Giving each system a different space background color (green, purple, blue) will help players remember which system is which. That color could emanate from the sun in the middle.

* Speaking of which, one thing that's rarely actually seen in Drox is the sun of each system. A great target for graphical enhancement in the sequel is the map of the star system. If the map zooms out really far rather than using the old Soldak map, it could show the star(s) in the middle, giving a real sense of being in a star system. This would be a good chance to upgrade the map system and make it more meaningful. Fog of war could be represented as real fog, for example. Getting back to the action would rapidly zoom you into the map at your current location.
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