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Playing some DL and Zombasite reminded me how little the focus in Drox is on the ARPG layer. I think much of this has to do with how forgettable the neutral enemies are. This isn't the fault of the designer, it's just how humans work. The fantasy monsters look distinct to us, but the ships just all blend together.

Here's what I think can be done about it:

* Try to make different neutral ships even more distinct.
* Instead of trying to teach the player about all these neutral ships, have 2 categories: space monsters (Talon, Overwatch) and space pirates. The pirates can hail from every space race.

Because the player trains himself to recognize the space races (since they matter so much) identifying the pirates should be much easier than random ships. The pirates can still have varying powers, but there are enough races in the game to populate the multitude of pirate ships. Pirate ships could look like race ships, but be a little different (like the Zombies in Zombasite).

In other words, leverage the fact that the player already has to learn what race ships are like, to have them automatically know what pirate ships are like.

* Since most combat in Drox happens at longer ranges, zooming out further could be useful.
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