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Don't know if anyone has suggested this, but I've noticed with all of the new races any time I complete a quest or destroy an enemy faction I get blasted by every faction in the sector with thanks and taunts. I mean it is a really neat mechanic but I was wondering if the faction communications could be split into two categories, so like the taunts and thank yous get posted into the message log while any trade requests, favors or demands get posted into the current communication system.
Also, curious if anyone else is having "fun" with the way faction relations are all over the place in this one. Seems I start a sector out by buddying up to all the races I meet only for them to all hate me in the end because one guy meets and befriends his backwoods murder hobo neighbor who immediately declares war on me as soon as I encounter them... I mean, it is pretty disheartening when my closest allies who I've invested time into helping turn on me because they decide to be friends with some psycho with a shoot on site mentality. I really dig the idea of the random generated races but it seems to be a 50/50 chance they hate my scavenger face without any previous interaction with me and in spite of the good will I've garnered with their one friend.
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