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Here is a little compilation of ideas I had that might be interesting to add in. Honestly most of these ideas are based on features from the other games in soldaks lineup. That said all of this is strictly my opinion, so hoping I don't piss anybody off.

1. Captains. So this idea is based on the thought that we are captain of our ships, maybe add a few selectable classes with passive skill trees and a captain level based in part on the way mutation and character level were handled in dins legacy. Captain experience could be gained from completing quests for a nominal amount, and for completing drox assignments for a larger amount. I say passive skills in the sense of being more commander type abilities that directly affect certain component types in the sense of the standard rpg character archetype system of damage dealer, tank, summoner, etc. These would be effects that stack on top of your race effects. More of a system to fine tune your build and balance out certain aspects that don't get much attention such as summons.

2. Crew personalities. In the drox games I find myself collecting a motley crew of varried races and somehow they all get along even though their racial factions are to put it mildly, commiting genocide against each other. Could be fun to have your crew get random personality traits that affect their disposition to one another and how effectively they work for you. Ya know, like they are people.

3. I've seen this one elsewhere in the thread, but I'd love to see the ability to scrap items down to base mats I can use to enhance or even just repair my gear and resurrect my crew. This one became real apparent after I'd accidently pissed off the entire sector and in trying to get the funds and goodwill rolling so I could convince them I wasn't a psycho, every component on my ship broke and I ended up giving up as I couldn't cripple my way off to any safe harbor for repairs as everyone in the sector decided my face was in need of punching. So please. The ability to repair at my spawn point would be soooo nice.

4. Another one I've seen posted in the thread that I thought I'd try my hand at suggesting a change to. Inventory. I'm honestly curious if the inventory system could be altered to behave sort of like the component slots. As in you start off with a handful of slots and maybe unlock more with ship upgrades. Maybe the current cargo bays could be reclassified as components of the light, medium and heavy variety? You know, for hoarding purposes.

5. Random mutations. I don't know that I'd call them mutations in this game. Maybe traits? But it would be neat to see dl's random chance to gain hatred for this or that enemy type, or even fear of the stuff that just exploded you and your ship a few times. Just an extra layer of fluff to help me connect with my little scav boat.

6. Technology. So, we explore around learning all sorts of technologies across the sector. But outside of selling the details to others to make it for us they don't seem to do anything. Maybe technology learned could be like a 1% per level bonus to using those technologies? Or maybe we can apply those schematics at a shipyard to alter our ships components?

7. Crew hapines. I actually have no idea what this does... Because I've never seen my crews morale drop below 30% so, maybe some tweaks to crew morale? Or somebody could explain it to me lol

8. Doomsday weapons. Can we get weapons that allow us to destroy planets completely? I mean like straight up death staring planets. Could set it up so it really bugs every race in the sector when you do it, but still. There is always one planet in a cluster that no matter how hard I try my vassals can't seem to colonize it and it turns into an endless fight to keep that one group of space crazies from moving in and causing all sorts of problems. Please. I want to blow those planets up and never see them again lol.

9. Item restrictions. Don't see as much in the way of level requirements on items, but it is still a thing and it kind of bugs me. Maybe go the way of Torchlight 2 where requirements work along the line of be this level or have this stat level to use.

10. Racial slots. So this one gets a little out in the woods. I have a love hate relationship with racial slots. I get they are supposed to make the races feel thematically different, but they feel a little well. Underwhelming. I love the idea of power power consumption on racial components but I wonder if that affect could just be attached to the normal component slots, or if more effects could be attached to the racial slots. Honestly I think I'd rather see the racial slots recycled into being specifically crew slots. Sort of like seats on your command bridge, you get more the higher tier ship you have to a max of say 4. I don't know, this one is honestly a personal gripe of mine. Since those slots end up being reserved to either one or two specific components that I may or may not care about using so yeah. I don't want to see the racial bonuses removed completely, but maybe add more items to the lists or just enhance the effects of those slots in some way.

Anyway. That's all I have for now. Love the game, this was just my personal opinions for a large part. Would love to hear others thoughts.
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