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Some sound feedback:

- Playing with headphones is mostly a pleasure (particularly after removing the music for the monster races which both I find to be distasteful and which plays over the ambient soundtrack, but that's a matter of taste).
- Fading between the race music on the relations screen works great.
- The ambient soundtracks in general range from good to really excellent!
- When going from the game screen to the relations screen or map screen or pausing, the ambient music track pauses suddenly and abruptly, and it's jarring.
- Instead, the ambient music track could be faded out for the relations screen. For the map screen and for pausing, you can just keep the track going.
- The war declaration sound is extremely loud compared to other sounds and could really use toning down.
- It would be nice to have more idle sounds from the monsters that hinted about what they are. Talon could have more whale-like idle sounds, Legion could have computer noises, and Overlord could have zombie whispers and whines.
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