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Some Suggestions (well, maybe not suggestions so much as stuff I'd like to see):
  • I'd like the ability to buy planet information from races. Maybe this wouldn't work out too well because the AI races could potentially have a hundred planets for sale, but man some of these sectors seem huge when I'm limping along and trying to find a safe haven. Even if the planets are limited to the race's own occupied planets, or even just the NEAREST undiscovered occupied planet, that would also work for me (to keep from overlapping with their ability to sell contact info for other factions or something). Or maybe I could gain access to this info when my status with them hits allied or something.

  • I'm sure there are plans to flesh this out in later revisions, but the new planetary feature scans (the stuff that requires a 2/3rd/4th scan etc) aren't giving Legendary exploration points when scanning them (this might be intentional, no idea). The initial scan does, but the subsequent scans don't seem to actually help the player (unless the scan itself results in an item or cash drop of some sort, or (even better) contact with a new minor race.

  • There might already be a way to do this and I haven't paid close enough attention, but I would like the ability to sell a stack of items all at once. This hasn't been an issue for me until I started getting huge stacks of certain supplies that planets will buy. It would save me 80-90 clicks at the store.

  • Right now occupied planets seem to get completely obliterated in sectors with asteroid storms. The thing is, I don't think these storms ever seem to let up (if they do I haven't noticed). it makes it rough for fledgling races to get up and get out of there since they keep getting pummeled. Also, when starting a game using the Home Planet Only settlement option, the races that start in asteroid storms don't tend to make very far into the game (maybe half an hour). As a player, I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to promote their success or if I am supposed to just abandon them and find the next bigger fish to pal up with. I can manually defend their planet from asteroids, but that is just a temporary stop-gap solution since there always seems to be more coming.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing some quests offered by friendly/treaty races to escort their colonizer ships. I'd like to know the ships destination, and have my choice of ships to escort. i understand that this might actually cause pages and pages of quest spam in larger games, so maybe there would be a way to narrow this down to specific types of escorts offered or something. All I know is that there are certain races I'd love to see flourish, but players don't have the time to wait around for a ship to build, load up, and start the move.

  • I'm unclear on what all these different types of treaties do for me as a player. When it comes to stuff like vassals, I don't have any idea how I benefit from +25% research etc. Maybe that's just a bonus provided between AIs, but I feel like a lot of the treaty stuff is a little ambiguous at the moment.

  • Sometimes I'll give a race a planet they're 100% compatible with, and it'll even have nice bonuses, and it's in a nearby system, but instead of settling that one they'll build a ship and send it off to some tiny moon somewhere in BFE. I know I can't control the races directly, but even if I try to never share sub-optimal info with them and only cherry pick the good stuff, a lot of time they just never seem to care about it. I'm not sure what all goes into their decision making when choosing a locale (nearby enemies?) but it's hard to keep giving them good info only to see them squander it.

  • At the moment I don't see a reason to ever share contact info between races. At best maybe there's some trading behind the scenes that benefits them both, but at worst it penalizes me for helping one guy that another guy might suddenly have taken a disliking to for no good reason. But if they don't ever know about eachother I seem a lot freer to just do as I please without their opinions of eachother affecting their opinion of me.
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