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Default What's next for Soldak after IotA?

I'm curious about what the plans are now that IotA has been released. Obviously there will be a period of patching with the larger userbase finding new bugs and balancing issues. But following that, what are the immediate plans?

I have a few suggestions of things to work on before starting a new game/expansion. First, the Linux ports. You had said you put it on hold while working on IotA, and now that you're done, I presume that this would be your next project. After that though, could you look into Steam Workshop? I'm sure there are a lot of people who play Din's or Depths on Steam that don't even know mods for these games exist. They would get to see the work that some of us have done, and it might even encourage some more people to make a few mods of their own. Given that installing a mod for these games is usually just dropping a zip file in the assets folder, it shouldn't be too hard to implement with Steam Workshop.

Also, a vacation might be a good idea to work in there somewhere.
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