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Two small things i noticed today:

Map Markers
If i recall correctly the yellow quest marker in Din's Curse would depend on the location of the quest:

- "^" if the quest was on a higher floor.
- "v" if the quest was on a lower floor.
- "*" if the quest was on the same floor.

In Din's Legacy there are currently two over-world dungeon types i am aware of: Towers and Dungeons. Towers naturally go upwards, whereas dungeons go downwards. If a quest is located in a tower quest the marker will always use the "v" sign though. This kind of confused me into looking for a dungeon instead of climbing the tower to its fourth floor as the marker kept pointing down (Suggesting i had to go down instead of up). Really minor but potentially confusing.

Skill randomization on character creation
I assume the second thing is likely a feature but just in case: When creating a new character the characters skills seem to be selected randomly based on the map. For example: Creating a SpellSword on the "Bronzepond" map i have saved always results in:

- 4x Defense Bonus.
- 4x Mana Regen Bonus.
- 2x Mana Bonus.
- A total of 5 out of the 10 skills a spellsword can have.

Considering the game's mutation premise, i suspect that this is intentional? (I am not complaining - 4x Soul Harvest is a great start for a devastating blow build and / or a mana heavy character, as is 4x Health Bonus for most melee builds).

On-Kill item skills trigger for party members
This may also be intended but just in case: My own character has a ring that grants ~20% change to cast Fire Maelstrom on a kill, and a set of gloves that has a 25% chance to cast the same spell. It seems that these also apply to kills made by allies (At least to the NPC i am teamed up with). In combat it is harder to notice, but at times i am standing still while the NPC is clearing some fallen rocks. After they "kill" the rocks it occasionally triggers a Fire Maelstrom (The NPC itself doesn't have any items or skills that could trigger this)

Edit: Added a third observation.

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