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* After I updated the drivers on my Radeon, the graphics are good. Still a few texture blocks flashing, especially on flat ground, but it's rare.
* I'm super impressed by the gradient on the ground. The new dimension definitely improves the feel.
* Having said that, I think the gradient in caves is too extreme, especially given the fact that I don't have shadows and such from trees to make it obvious. I think caves should have almost flat ground, with maybe an occasional change in height between plateaus.
* The graphics really look good at this point IMO, especially with shadows on. Without shadows, the game loses a lot, but with them, it looks quite beautiful. The only 2 missing elements are better animations (which are expensive so I understand their absence) and I do think the grass textures could be improved -- just as in Zombasite, these textures add too much noise, even with anti-aliasing on.
* I think there are way too many enemies in towers (I think that's what they are? The building levels). The density of critters needs to be taken a few notches down, because currently you can barely move in there.
* Cave creature density could also be toned down a bit.
* Since this game is essentially an expansion and improvement of the Din's Curse formula, it would be great if we could recreate DC here as one scenario: have an area that's mostly levels down, a few quest givers, and the mission of keeping them alive while taking out the big bad.
* I booted up DC to compare (man, I love that game). One thing I never liked about Zombasite is that quests were no longer given by people, but instead were given by a bulletin board. I realize you had to have that because there was no notion of questgivers there (it being survival-oriented and all), but I have to say I'm not a fan. Having the quest given to you by a person may not seem like a huge difference, but it gives you a personal feeling that's missing. Going back to that person and getting the reward is so much more satisfying (even if we can now solve quests remotely).
* I don't know if there is anything that happens in this game if you lose your townspeople. Is there? I feel like the dynamics from DC were SO good, that if you lost your warmaster or what not you wouldn't have those kinds of quests until you got him back in another quest, and if you lost all 3 questgivers it was game over.
* Also, I have yet to encounter character conflicts. I can see so much about the NPCs, but do they fight, marry etc?
* I'm assuming we'll eventually see some text when talking to people. Will we? I love that they thank us when we give them a weapon, but I'd love them to also have bits of text as before, so there's a feel of a real person there.
* I don't fully get the mutation mechanics yet, but I think they add the spice to the game that the DC formula really needed for long-term play. A character that changes and gets scarred over time is such a wonderful concept. I *love* how my warrior is afraid of Orcs because he died to them so many times. More of this kind of thing, both good and bad, would be amazing, making every character unique. The different goal types between worlds can also be seen as a perfection of the DC formula (as I mentioned above). Now if we can just have the critical questgivers and the deep dungeon!
* It seems like we can only recruit one character to our party (I don't know how multiplayer works). In that case, 'recruit to party' should replace the current party member we have, or should change to 'replace in party' when we already have someone.
* In general, I'm really happy with this game - much more than with the mechanics in Zombasite, which weren't up my alley. I think this game can easily be marketed as the sequel to Din's Curse, which will hopefully help earn some more sales. It comes back to the same concept but adds variety and depth, improves graphics, adds outside areas -- basically everything DC fans wanted in a sequel.
* I'm going to throw out an idea, which may be closer to the original concept you had for the game. This may require a particular game mode for a character, or may just work better in another game. Basically, do CK2. Suppose you have a limited life, and one of your missions is to procreate. So as you go through worlds, you're looking for a mate with the characteristics you want to have in a child. While you're carrying out your mission, you bring this person gifts, and eventually marry them. At that point, they'll follow you from world to world. After a while, you have a child. Your skills will then atrophy and eventually you'll have to switch over. The key thing is, you have to keep your mate and child/children safe when the town is attacked, and if they get killed off, it can scar you and give you a vendetta, etc.
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