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(haven't loaded the latest patch yet -- and didn't see these in the patch log)

1 - Some monster-statues make noise when attacked. I think.
2 - Cavern has town mod "Mushrooms" but all I see are crystals everywhere...they do obstruct vision. There are very few if any mushrooms on some of the levels, but not all of them.
3 - ___ has been killed. ___ was keeping the hordes out of control. (turned in quest) You win. -- seems to me that killing X if s/he were keeping the hordes under control should spawn some type of "get hordes under control" quest? At least I always expect that...
4 - The happiest person in town (happy 23) says the town is doomed?!? (and similar depressing messages)
5 - When my Demon Hunter uses Demonic Control on an Ice Trap Tower (and other towers) they follow me....sliding across the ground. Should that even be a valid target?
6 - Perhaps skill icons should be red (i.e. "no valid target") while the cooldown timer is ticking. It's hard to tell when there's a hairline of timeout left through the corner of your eye.
7 - Things NPCs can say: Explain the Town Lottery. Hope to win the lottery. Critters got into their food again! They like their new __donated item__.
8 - I like the SIMS-like NPC relationship building. Seeing them talk to each other is cool.
9 - How do you stop a fight in town? 1 person did something wrong, people started hating her, the weaponsmith attacked her and then killed her -- and I lose my reputation?!? Should I have attacked the weaponsmith? Or should I have helped him kill her?
10 - When the naughty townsperson died, their husband wasn't upset?
11 - I haven't had a chance to study this but my son said it looked like townsperson $ quest rewards are being rewarded to the townsperson NOT to the character.
12 - Lure: I can't walk through my own lure, and I can't target my lure with normal weapons/bows. Thank goodness my Immolation Trap can kill my lure, because I could end up trapped in a tight hall. I think we should be able to walk "through" them like we can other summons, rather than having to kill our own lure to get past it. It's a bloody ball of light!
13 - I couldn't solve a rescue quest until I realized a nearby Lightning Totem counted as a "monster nearby". ooooh what a scary dangerous monster!
14 - Someone in town was starving. I "Failed the Quest" (and lost reputation) because someone else in town paid it off. Shouldn't that just obsolete it?
15 - just a funny: After completing a town, the quest came up to collect a Lost Soul's vial of essence. "I don't really need any more vial of essence, I just really hate lost souls." Someone has a sense of humor....
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