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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
(haven't loaded the latest patch yet -- and didn't see these in the patch log)

3 - ___ has been killed. ___ was keeping the hordes out of control. (turned in quest) You win. -- seems to me that killing X if s/he were keeping the hordes under control should spawn some type of "get hordes under control" quest? At least I always expect that...
I think the idea is that Monster X was a peacemaker, restraining his species from fighting another mob species, freeing both species to focus on menacing the town.

15 - just a funny: After completing a town, the quest came up to collect a Lost Soul's vial of essence. "I don't really need any more vial of essence, I just really hate lost souls." Someone has a sense of humor....
It's even funnier when you get this and are asked to whack a totem. He couldn't maybe hire a lumberjack?
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