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Default Playability

A thread for UI & playability Issues.

(from Skill Balancing thread)

Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
There's already so many health/mana potions + food combinations that I find 1/3rd my inventory taken up with that nonsense. I've taken up a hand-me-down food pantry in my shared stash because it's not worth turning in old food/drinks/pots at the merchants. Adding in "quality" versions of food doubled the ridiculousness of this.
Originally Posted by Pyro View Post
I would rather have the "quality" food versions cover levels 75-150+ (assuming we can have dungeon levels over 100 later).
That idea sounds good to me. The reason I gathered from the changelog for the "quality" versions was to gentle the big leap between foodstuff -- but what it's done is clutter the game with more items. It's also hard to tell the items apart -- the dot in the corner is not quite enough. Maybe this needs to be in an "item balancing" thread or a "playability" thread. [Also to be cute maybe we should change "Quality Fresh Fruit" to "Organic Fresh Fruit" hahah I wonder if I can find where to change that in the game. Anything for a giggle while I play.]

If anyone truly finds the additional food levels crucial, please let us know! I wasn't having a problem with the foodstuff before. Is there a forum thread where the change was discussed?
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