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Originally Posted by Crisses View Post
[Also to be cute maybe we should change "Quality Fresh Fruit" to "Organic Fresh Fruit" hahah I wonder if I can find where to change that in the game. Anything for a giggle while I play.]
It's in the Loc\English folder path. Depending on what you want to change, you will want to look at items.trn, quests.trn npcchat.trn and global.trn in the original DC, and demonwar.trn in DW. These should be in the

Create the folder structure above, then open an empty text file, copy in the lines that you want to change, then change the text. You can add colors with the color codes from the SDK. Then zip it up. If you change DW stuff, add the mod to the DW assets folder, otherwise the DC asset folder is ok.

I'm attaching a text mod that adds index numbers to the foods and drinks and changes the names of the pots (for easier comparison), and adds some color to the quest items.
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