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Good suggestions! Some thoughts about that:

-A "Shield Strength" modifier on gear could just be included in the "Healing" modifier (with an explanation in the character screen so new players figure it out eventually).

-A +2 max mana per int skill exists already, but only in the magician class. That leads to more player decisions since you have to think about the tradeoff compared to other classes skills and other chars mutations. Maybe use a similar system for vitality and limit the +1.5 health skill for example to defenders/wardens?

-A random idea to make Dex-based chars more viable and interesting to play: Dex reduces the amount of damage you can take in a single hit.
Example: Max damage taken from any single attack: 99% of Max Health at 5 Dex / caps at 33% at 500 or so Dex. This means you need 4 hits to kill e.g. a very high-level and geared up archer). You also can't be instantly one-shotted by random yellow monsters which makes the game seem more fair. The damage reduction could be limited to physical damage and added to the defense attribute to not devalue Resistances and buff Spirit, I am not sure (maybe the same functionality for magic damage based on spirit? This buffs both of the underused stats).
The mutation that already exists could be changed to something like: "You don't take more than X % of max health within 3 seconds but your max health is decreased".
My reasoning is that Dex is unreliable for defending chars, so you want reliable resistance/armor instead (you still take the full damage if the opponent hits and you will be hit multiple times in a row at some point in time). And like Destro said, much rather than both of these you want just plain health which protects against everything.

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