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I think that's a reasonable idea if we're really dedicated to playtesting.

Me, I'm a sole-proprietor of my own business. I don't have time to playtest more than I can play. But I like helping out and pitching in.

So what I did yesterday was create a 2nd playtest install of DC (without Din's Additionals) and modded the game for accelerated play. I'm currently playtesting a pure Conjurer, for example, and in a couple hours I brought it up to level 32. (I changed the per-level XP so it would level faster, and the time to open chests, identify etc. because I personally don't want to be sitting around for artificial suspense activities -- I also modded drops which I'll post in a separate thread because I think item-type (not level) drops are backwards). I want to pull this character to the upper levels quickly to test endgame & a "pure spellcaster" build. Does it get boring? Is it too limited to survive?

Even though I leveled fast through the 20s, I still died plenty while still having enough "Stuff to do". I'm cramming nearly all my points into a narrow number of skills, to keep up with the baddies. Not able to have as much skill variety as the Rogue or fighters.

So right now I can (Necromancer) Raise Dead on 3 critters (+ some in Lich), I have a moderately high Blight, (Warlock) I can Summon Chaos Lord (+1 in Demon Mastery), (Sorceror) and I can Tornado. So basically I run into a crowded room with 4 tough goons and spam the crowd with debuff & area damage while they clean up. I happened on a staff that's good enough that I can knock heads around too, especially heads that are already hurting from everything else going on. It's a decent mid-game caster strategy. I'll have to test the Wizard & Priest class for playability too. I'll have to take it to the higher levels to see what endgame is like for this class. At any point I can drop my changes that accelerate the game and see "what it's really like" when I'm not leveling up every 10 minutes.

Testing non-hybrid casters seems to be one of the places we're all missing. I'll post the relevant changes to my game so people can rush-test if needed/desired.
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