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Really cool interview.

"How would the perfect Soldak game play?

I think in the perfect Soldak game you would be constantly surprised by what could happen or a specific sequence of events even after playing 100s of hours."


When I look back, it really did take me quite a long time to master the game. (Self-proclaimed, I know). But, Steam is clocking 150 hours, and that's probably pretty accurate as to how much playtime I've really achieved.

And, honestly, the modding potential of the game is so ridiculous. If not for the few issues that I came across, I'd still be playing different mod variations today (not to say that I didn't have a blast during my time modding the settings).

It's rare that I find a game that I can play so much for such a price. Even Chronicon fell short for me such that I only have 9 hours played. Ahhh! I can't wait for this expansion!

But anyway, back on topic, if I may add my thoughts on how to make the game have more replayability (even though it really already has a ton), then it would be to simply give the entities within the world more actions that they can take. And, their actions should be more impactful. I feel that this is the best approach, which is kind of the direction I went in with my expansion suggestion post. But, that's just a subset of the larger picture. This theme can be extended into many other ideas. For example, enemy clans having more complex decisions to make. And then, a specific example for that larger idea is to give clans their own nemesis / arch-nemesis occasionally that they will sometimes head out to kill, which means you can either join them or raid their base (would have to nerf the instant recall ability of NPCs for this to work though!)! I feel that the ability to make decisions like this can very positively and majorly increase the depth and replayability of the game.

I do want to reply to more of the post. But, I feel that this will become like a 30 page essay. So, I'll end with just a response to this one area that really resounded with me.
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