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*New stuff*
  • more monster alliances, reinforcements, retreating when not in combat
  • For whatever reason, my summons seem to attack crystals a lot. Which is unfortunate since they explode and damage everyone. (hella)
  • Also, it'd be nice to be able to trade crafting materials with other players. (hella)
  • And being able to start a new scenario at any time (i.e. not just after winning) in multiplayer without kicking the other player(s) out would be nice, too. (hella)
  • @Bug: "Mutate from existing character" copied my current character over the one I was using to mutate from. (Koztic)
    I was playing with my brother over the internet and just before this happended to me. His character had this happen first. So we left the game to confirm that this other character was gone and was now a copy of the character he was playing, it was. We started a new game to play with our same characters. I level as I joined his game. I note this because I went to look at my "spell book" and all my skills were gone. All I had was a basic mana regen. I crtl+alt+del, ended task to hope that it wouldn't save.
    At this point my brother had to go so I made a game. All my skills were back, and seemed normal. before I started this game I copied all my character files to make backups. I then went to test the "mutate from exsisting character". Sure enough, it copied my current character over the one I wanted to mutate from.
    As I said I have the .chr and .his for all my characters just before I tested. Let me know if you want any of the files.
  • would be cool if could wield a wand in left hand (no stats from it/just get skills)
  • @With that craziness aside, random skills on items would be cool. I think it would be an amazing way to make
    uniques, artifacts and legendaries more desireable if random skills could only appear on them. Or, if they
    have a chance to appear on ego items when ego items level up. (Destro*)
  • @unique bags? (Dragonface)
  • can I increase the map exploration radius? (many people have asked for this)
  • @"Find Evidence" quest?
    Last night I got a quest to find out who had cursed the town by locating evidence. I did find the evidence (called "Curse Notes", I think) right next to the NPC that was my only clan member. This didn't solve the quest, though. (ricmadeira)
    In Zombasite there was an additional step you had to take: you had to select which one of your clan members to accuse based on the evidence you gathered, and hope you got the right one. How to accuse a person wasn't very obvious, it was an option tucked away somewhere in one of the many game windows.
    Try as I might I couldn't find that option in Din's Legacy. Is this quest type in Din's Legacy by mistake or was just I too dumb to find the accuse option? :O
  • I also got a "player ran" taunt when the boss retreated to a different level. (Fulano)
  • I got an overrun area, but the description of the quest wouldn't come up, the area was filled with striped stalkers and I couldn't even get a swing in without dying. After my first time dying I won. (Fulano)
  • It also seems 3/4 of the areas I start have the "fast pace" world modifier. (Fulano)
  • debug build will crash if using zips (will get too many open handles at about 17)
  • Shankar's Greaves dexterity passive not working (Mandark)
  • Demonic Control useless if at high level but skill level is low (less than 1 second of control) (Mandark)
  • funny interaction with blood sacrifice. Whenever i get a mana burn affix with scavenger, the blood sacrifice self dmg from every attack procs my mana burn and i kill myself very fast. Blood sacrifice is generally pretty funky, pretty sure i killed myself with it once by proccing a flame shield an npc ally put on me. (Hashashiyyin)
  • the gods should probably have armor and items for asthetic looks so they arent all just the same default man and woman (@everyone)
  • One of my characters was reset to level 0 and all of his stuff are gone, and also everything (including the bags) are gone from my shared stash! All of my unlocked classes are reset as well. Now I have to unlock them all again... (Ninjakillzu)
  • any thoughts on somehow changing Linked Skills so that it's more straightforward to selectively get rid of part of a linked set? (Hashashiyyin)
  • I finally rolled Lucky on this character so I got to confirm it works as expected. My incoming damage is indeed capped at 336, 75% of my hp pool. GL chunking through that 11k mana shield.. (Hashashiyyin)
    Lucky and Mana Shield
  • My cape has Frost Hands, which should block my wearing any gloves, but it does not. (DrJoeFitz)
  • A few bosses have cropped up as being in walls, so they cannot be seen until I am right next to them. I killed them anyway, but wonder whether you have any opinion on the bosses being in walls. (DrJoeFitz)
  • I have lots of rolled areas, which I'd like to streamline. I've thought about using one or two ubercharacters to clear a
    few, but when I go to win an area (i.e., I Leave from the flashing-crown menu), it doesn't look like I have any option
    but to roll another area. Do you have any thoughts/opinions on this? Yes, I know how to delete areas, but figured I
    might as well give higher-level chars some bennies from winning them... (DrJoeFitz)
  • edit: Guess I should be unbiased too and say Last Man Standing scenario is too overpowered (get like 15 small reward
    chests in 5 minutes... OP). More set/unique items would be nice. Earthquake is overpowered compared to other skills
    late game (Full clear entire areas instantly, something no other skill comes close to doing without massive CDs). But,
    idk, without Earthquake, I don't know how one can bear the grind to level 100. Even imagining that grind with a
    single-target skill makes me tremble in fear (would take many many days). This is more of an overall balance thing I
    suppose though. It's still overpowered to bring level 100 NPCs to low level areas, overpowered to be able to buy level
    100 mail/plate items from high level npcs (because the items have no level requirements), a bit unfair for those who
    already hit level 100 in the past to be able to get by the level 'wall' once you reach the highest level of a difficulty
    and can't go higher, and... well I guess I should stop there. (Destro)
  • crashed in Player::mutantLevelUp (while using mutate level up cheat)
    _linkedSkill but data is 0xfeeefeee
  • Behind Enemy Lines sometimes wins instantly - Scenario2 (Fulano)
  • Survival sometimes clan objects start out of area - Scenario3 (Fulano)
  • I'm still seeing lots of zombie stuff, though I have the "Zombies Allowed" unchecked. (Fulano)
  • messages don't wrap on the screen (message queue) especially when in larger font (Crisses)
  • Something's up with the "dice rolls" to trigger events on items, because an item with like a 1% chance of summoning Avatars probably shouldn't summon 3 in a row during the same battle. Sounds like a bad salt or random generator? Other items with higher chances seem never to go off, this one went off 3 times in a row several times. (Crisses)
  • clan objects get clumped tightly together if spawned out of world (Crisses)
  • The towers have a visual issue on my machine, I don't know if others have it but it seems like they're supposed to have a glowing effect on the top, but instead they've just got a cylinder on my computer. (Fulano)
  • I see the zombies are showing up because the game spawned the "Zombie Treacherous Desert" so it seems the area modifiers override the world setting. (Fulano)
  • monster density & stability, start at 3:00 - (Destro)
  • Kodiak Strength + Berserk is overpowered
    consistent way to get through it is with Druid Earthquake + Earth Mastery and a couple of the mana gain on kill passives
  • edit: Champion is not increasing damage of Earthquake. ( (Destro)
    1st pic it isn't active, second it is. (You can tell by comparing character sizes, also my champ buff is level 33... should be 750% more damage... guessing its probably only programmed to work on attacks... but nothing about the spell indicates its attack only)
  • There are two achievements called Destroyer. One for destroying clans and the other to do 4000 damage in one attack. (Fulano)
  • What does the Gladiator's Blood Lust skill do? It seemed in Din's Legacy it only boosted their special way of gaining mana (Extra mana in combat or something?) I didn't find anything that described how that worked in Din's Legacy. It doesn't seem to be affecting passive mana regeneration because it doesn't change when I increase the skill, unless the change isn't reflected in the stats. (Fulano)
  • The yellow crystal effect looks very similar to the yellow elite effect, I often confuse them and think I've stumbled upon a swarm of elite monsters when they're just getting the lightning boost. (Ya, I might be a little slow... ) (Fulano)
  • I was fighting a zombie gate with ice reflect, the reflected projectiles were all firing straight down rather than reflecting to the attacker. (Fulano)
  • Can I map the spacebar to scrap by default rather than just donate? Since it automatically donates when it scraps, I thought it might simplify things a bit. I'm not seeing a specific option to do that yet though. (Fulano)
  • Do merchants still change their inventories? Also, do they still sell items that have been sold to them? I don't think I've ever seen their gold go up after I use up all of it. (Fulano)
  • Request: turning off summoning candles increases the time-to-ritual. Like add a minute per candle snuffed. I made it to the level with 3 minutes left on my clock and thought it would be very reasonable if they started their ritual and said "Wait! Someone's mucking with our candles!" and had to figure out which candle(s) to turn back on to re-start the ritual. lol (Crisses)
  • #1) Weapon types: Spears, these would be a great weapon with a better range than one handed, equipping a shield with them should be possible. This would be the middle ground between large two handed weapons and the smaller one handed. You'd be able/need to add a spear specialty to various character classes but it would open up a Spearman character set which would be focused on forward arc damage, single target melee, or evasion/blocking. In a sense this is somewhat cosmetic, but it shouldn't be hard to add in some spear models, and the animation should be pretty basic. (Charles_Odinforce)
  • #2) This one is already there, you just haven't seen it in a sense. A pugilist/unarmed class or martial arts style class. Again it wouldn't be hard to come up with 3 variations (Brawler, Shaolin, Qi Mystic) With these classes gaining passives that make up for the lack of weapons. Maybe let them use a staff OR force them to use some kind of cestus. Character animations are already in so this would be very easy to add in. Another option would be a passive on each of these that gave some defensive and offensive bonus when no weapons were carrier, and used gloves defensive armor as a damage type. (Charles_Odinforce)
  • I started having spell casting troubles again... I think each time I press the key to cast a spell it starts the animation, but the animation is reset when I press the key again, spending my mana each time I mash the button but never completing the spell. I kinda have the habit of maching the button several times to get the spell to cast. (Fulano)
  • Also, I've got the raise dead ability. Periodically the monsters I raise are halfway in the ground rather than walking on the ground. (Fulano)
  • After a couple hours of playing, selling everything to one particular merchant her money hasn't changed. She did start with like 3 gold pieces though and I've only managed to sell about 1 GP worth of stuff. (Fulano)
  • I was getting trashed by a group of "rogue syndicate" people as well. They were doing 1000 damage per hit, and I only had 800 HP. (Fulano)
  • probably needs to be a mutation help topic (Beige Shiba)
  • So, another clan traded me for a guard... I went to his town and tried to install it (since I didn't have any pedestals) and the guard showed up on his defense screen, but he's installed on my town. (Fulano)
  • Aaaaanway, brought another guy from this map to a 3rd one and it's a last man standing. (Fulano)
  • The guy I brought is standing in the middle of the dungeon, and the clans are all at peace. They're gradually declaring war on each other though.(Fulano)
  • For some reason I can't hit any of them... I've been having to spam mana potions and gradually ice nova them to death while running. It's not going well...(Fulano)
  • So... if I move an item in a merchant's inventory to the bottom left square (above the held items squares) I get the message "no one wants this item" (Fulano)
  • Sadly, I couldn't get it to actually donate things for free to the town.
  • One idea I just had, it'd be nice if when you searched for bounty in the overworld, and the target was in a dungeon, the marker appears roughly where the dungeon entrance is (Dragonface)
  • Although I don't think it should do this in dungeons, only in the overworld (because of the size of some areas)
  • If I hand my buddy a torch, it should affect the lighting. But it doesn't. Didn't Indiana hand a torch to his buddy? It worked in the movies.... (Crisses)
  • And for something +30ish light it doesn't seem to do much anyway..... (Crisses)
  • Spiders die with a plop that's pretty loud compared to other critters. (Crisses)
  • Some way to pick up all nearby, or even autoloot items much like we do with gold now. (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
  • A way to buy all of a stack of items, this is especially helpful when buying potions or from a crafting vendor. (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
  • after brawl scenario no biggest accomplishent or impressive kill
  • got "chest stuck" on secret wall (lever was controlling it)
  • shared levels is messing up world map centering on player when pulling map up
  • bag vendor walked away while I was talking to her
  • color of map changed over save/load
  • npc no visible arrow from basic bow attack is annoying
  • gating to/from secret area no sound?
  • only add to map scroll bar stuff if should draw that level?
  • any model spawned from spawnAreaBlock gets referenced immediately, can a pause reference until loaded?
  • another slow down could be level generation, add a print so can see when it happens & how many tries
  • I'm having a hard time healing myself lately... I usually have to pause the game and specifically select my character to heal myself. I don't think it works anymore to just hover over my character.
  • Part of the trouble is having a couple pets or towns people with me, the game prioritizes healing them if they happen to be in the area of my character. Something like that. (Fulano)
  • Sounds/Environment/owlHooting-001.wav - 007.wav
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