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It's not usual that a thread gets this long before I even see it.

LordBlackangel: Plate does have more armor than cloth by quite a bit. Swords do more damage than daggers, but the speed differences do end up making them close in dps (daggers do have a slight dps advantage).

The only time money doesn't get picked up automatically is in multiplayer.

Healthstones are destroyable so that they can never block your path. Figuring out that something is a choke-hold is not something that is easily solved.

timeh: I'll look at healthstones getting auto targeted.

Everyone needs to remember that 90% chance to hit are for average monsters that are your level. You will not hit higher level monsters as much as you % says (or monsters with better defenses than normal).

I have modified the item stuff many times to make it better. I'm not completely happy with it yet though.
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