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Default Displeased with some of the changes...

Ok, I'll start with this - I know you can't please everyone.

But I have to say that I am really disappointed in the direction the game has taken with some of these lastest changes...

- Many of the character classes are severly gimped. Their skill sets need to be re-vamped - and those classes that were useful keep getting their powers nerfed (thunderbolt's stun-lock was actually useful against monsters like TARIS and now that's been taken away from us as well).
- This new food classification system is absolutely absurd and unbalanced. The regular stuff isn't always available, but the better stuff is at a higher price.
- It feels that I am much to high of a level (23 - on this NEW character) for the armour/weapons/food that is being found or sold.
- Bags seem to be rarer than set-items now. They used to be bountiful, now they're impossible to get/find.
- The monters seem to be hitting much harder now compared to before and succeeding in laying down crits much more often.
- The cost of food and potions is often severly high compared to the amount of gold one can find or get for items which means I'm spending my time being BROKE.

There are some good points still, but one doesn't bitch about those things to get changes made. :P

These last changes have actually made the game unpleasant for me and my brother to play - which is sad because we really enjoyed playing Din's online together (we've logged many, many DAYS worth of time playing this online). It's to the point where I'm posting this and he's looking for an alternative.

We applaud the work you do on Din's and it's Addon, but man, some things just shouldn't be messed with.
- m0stly_harmless
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