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Default Looking for some pointers

Howdy folks,

I'm a bit new to DoP, but think I have a decent grasp of the game. I've played each class to 15, and have won about 20 games (only lost 1) playing on normal/hard aggression with 6 enemies.

At about level 15 I start hitting a wall though. It seems like the quest enemies become much too hard to kill until I am 5 levels above them. Not sure what the best way to handle this is.

Let me give an example -

I am a level 15 rogue, and I need to kill Darkfaith the naga. He is a level 15 unique mob as the target for a level 14 Lorelle forest quest. Now, Darkfaith is empowered with +60% poison resist, +fire damage/resist, +lightning damage/resist, he regens health each second and he has a life drain....

Enemies like this were the occasional, omg run boss type of Diablo 2. Each time you hit them you get whacked back 5x as hard. Recruits die in a second or two to them, even at level 15 with proper gear.

My last 4 games have all been packed with bosses like this out in the forest area. Worse yet, I reach melee and see 0...0...0....0...3...0 as my damage numbers.

I am using a 14.4 DPS Torvid's dagger, and have +25 armor penetration. I've recently begun putting some points into strength as I have no trouble actually hitting things, just damageing it.

I am unable to get "easier" missions because, as a level 15 rogue, the game seems to feel this is adequate for me.

Any thoughts? Am I missing the boat someplace? Usually spending a gold on potions and doing hit and run for 10 minutes gets the job done, but that just doesn't "feel" like it was intended.

On another note, I find the enemy covenants just sit around in town all day and never quest. In 20 games I've never lost a quest to any of them, even after leaving the game running while I go eat. Eventually the covenants begin fighting and then they really stop advancing. This usually means that even though I am unable to complete any more quests, I can just walk in and insta-kill the enemy covenants when I want to advance.

Thanks for any insight on the matter! The game is a lot of fun, even if it has some balancing problems.
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