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Originally Posted by DeathKnight1728 View Post
Ive had a long admiration for a lot of spiderweb software's games-geneforge, avernum4-6 as i own half their catalog. However what seems to be is that i just can't seem to get past half the game due to the incredible difficulty. I'd like to think that I'm a fairly average gamer and can figure out most things with trial and error. But the games are freakishly hard to the point where its almost intimidating to play the game.

Has anyone else had a game that they really liked the concept but it was just too freakishly hard? As it stands right now the only game i can play of theirs, enjoy and beat is avadon-the black fortress. It really kind of sucks.
I agree, most of them are pretty hard if you try it by yourself. Me, I have to resort to the hint books, cheat files and my son. He's beta tested many of Spiderweb games. Knows the ins and outs and where special stuff is. I replay the games many time but only a few times all the way through. There are so many of them I can forget stuff (quests, etc) in between so its enjoyable for a while.
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