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Originally Posted by Roswitha View Post
What, exactly, is cool about zombies (straight question, no sarcasm) and how attached are you to the 'z' word?
I crochet. I found an article describing how to crochet a "banana hammock" -- it's a small hammock that you can hang between objects to put bananas in. I made a couple to hold bananas and loaves of bread. But we all call them "banana hammocks" because, as described in the article, it's just cool to say "banana hammock".

It's cool to say "zombie". It rolls nice, feels good in the mouth. It's a funny word. It's got a little foreign voodoo twist to it. Sounds like Africa, the origins of humans. Maybe it's ancestral memory. Who knows.

But it's not cool to say "something kinda but maybe not dead that infects people and is just alignment=hungry." No matter how many times you say it.
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