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There are a LOT of zombie games and survival games out there. Us consumers Love them!

I'm hoping Soldak can introduce something fresh for us to become addicted to...

I'm guessing they will be using the same engine that was used for Din's Curse, Depths of Peril and Drox Operative.

One element I would love to see is open-world. I know this is a huge development overhead and there are other open-world survival games, but I love it! Open world always encourages exploration. We will want to search every corner!

I personally would like to see cooperative game-play. Din's Curse is extremely fun in co-op and I was hoping to see it with Depths of Peril.

There is nothing funner than gunning down zombies with your friends online and OFFLINE. wink wink...

I'm looking forward to some development progress, screenshots, etc.
Keep up the hard work Soldak!

oh.... and.... take my money!
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