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Really enjoying this - just as addicted to it as I was Din's a few years ago. I think it's great that you kept a lot of the classes and abilities from Din's. It's just enough familiarity with a dash of freshness... for example passives on each skill to help encourage some diversity. One of my gripes with Diablo 2 & Din's was the over reliance on just one or two skills.

A little bit of persistence between maps is also great. Makes it just that much more personal when one of your longtime clansmen is killed.

One question, is there a reward for completing a map? I was going Din's style, trying to compete maps as quick as possible. You used to get a reward chest for that, but in Zombasite that doesn't seem to be the case for certain win conditions.

I got alliance/logistics wins a few times and I didn't see any reward?

Also, would be nice to have some more in-depth information about clan management (expedition types, happiness). I'm slowly figuring it out, but the manual was pretty vague and doesn't go over each item in detail.

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