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If you have any questions just feel free to ask on the forums.

All of the rewards can be seen by going to the Clan Information Screen (can get through through UI icon on bar at the bottom). Then, press "Win Progress". If you hover over each win condition, the rewards will be revealed on tooltips.

For clan management, well, they are kind of like that. You just figure them out as you go. But, their effects are kind of intuitive. If people aren't happy, they will fight and potentially leave. If they are happy, then they won't leave and there are even buffs they can acquire.

Expeditions are another kind of trial by fire matter. The tooltip gives basic info, but you really have to use them to get a feel for how they work. I can give more info, but I feel that it's kind of spoilery, so read on at your own risk.

-- Spoilers --

If you choose to hunt/forage, make sure the relevant area stat is high. The tooltips tell you what you need. Potions = need High Foraging % when sending out people to the area, and it's good to use people with the foraging skill as well (or whatever it's called, I just know there is one). Also, it's recommended to have them go to the highest level area possible (assuming they can survive) for the best potions.

Personally, I think the most valuable use of expeditions is their ability to create portals near areas that you may not have acquired the portal to with raids. A raid lets you move to a location really quickly, though it puts you at war with the other clan. Though, I only play loner, so this backlash usually never matters to me because I just let my hearthstone be destroyed *shrug*. How you choose to use this method is up to you.

-- Spoilers --
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