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Default Thoughts from recent sectors

Fringe, Brunt and Drakk:
Due to the fact that all three have the aggressive trait, it's hard to tell any difference between the three since they all seem to go to war at the drop of a hat. Half the time they're usually gone before the sector is half finished... at least for me, anyway. Aggressive doesn't have to mean stupidly aggressive. Should take one of them and make them a little smarter.

Too much wartime jibber jabber:
When two races are at war and I'm helping one side, there's a little too much prattle from the enemy side. I'm constantly being sent "The XXX have no breaking wind of justice" messages. It's like.. huh? What the hell do I care? I'm kicking your ass.

It's to the point where I just click the flashing diplomacy icon, then promptly hit escape. "Yeah, yeah. Blahblahblah." Then there's the demands. Any time my diplomacy rating is above 0 with an enemy, it's demand after demand after demand. They should "get the message" after two attempts and not keep bugging you.

Also, there seems to be no sense of desperation from races that are losing. I could destroy 8 of their 9 colonies and they're not the slightest bit afraid of me. I suppose it's not a huge thing, but it'd be pretty sweet to have someone beg you for mercy every now and then. Each race could do it in their own particular style. Like, Lithosoid offering you their secret vault of rocky road ice cream. Drox Operatives are supposed to be an intimidating presence after all, right? It should especially be so after your 1 ship is kicking so much tail. So far, I'm not quite feeling it.

Solar system generation:
I've seen a jump gate right on top of a planet. I've seen a wormhole almost directly underneath a star lane.

Sub races:
So far, I've seen "Overlord" show up once. I think the sector began with them as a race. They were eliminated quickly.

Talon - These have shown up more than once and have become dangerous a few times. One sector saw a prolonged war between Utopian and Talon, but that was my fault. I tried to patch things up between them before finally giving up after spending half my money on the effort. All I'd done was buy the Talon time to expand. From now on, I just destroy Talon when I see them.

Any other sub races? I haven't seen anyone other than Overlord and Talon.
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