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Originally Posted by Magitek View Post
I'm at the opposite end of this, I'd rather see monster projectiles bought up to the mana steal's level.
It's so rare to actually have to use a strategy against an opponent in Din's Curse.
I'm inclined to agree with you to some extent based on a couple of caveats. The first question that comes to mind is: How many people do you play with? Or do you play co-op at all?

This comes to mind because dodging an incoming attack in an ARPG such as this is all well and good when it's just you on the screen. When it's you and 3 other guys you can simply forget about it. Character view to fog-of-war ratio simply isn't vast enough and the tile-set simply isn't big enough for that sort of dancing, especially when toons have collision detection as they do in Din's Curse. I'm sure anyone who's playing co-op with others will see the logic in this.

A more elegant answer would be to make all projectiles conform to the same velocity standard with an overall speed-scaling factor that's variable based on a configuration setting. I think that would please both ends of the spectrum. Now I know there are some settings for projectile speed that are changeable via modding, but I don't know if there is anything more global. Perhaps Shadow can chime in here and educate us a little bit on how the game handles monster projectiles in general...
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