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Originally Posted by m0stly_harmless View Post
- Many of the character classes are severly gimped. Their skill sets need to be re-vamped - and those classes that were useful keep getting their powers nerfed (thunderbolt's stun-lock was actually useful against monsters like TARIS and now that's been taken away from us as well).
- This new food classification system is absolutely absurd and unbalanced. The regular stuff isn't always available, but the better stuff is at a higher price.
- It feels that I am much to high of a level (23 - on this NEW character) for the armour/weapons/food that is being found or sold.
- Bags seem to be rarer than set-items now. They used to be bountiful, now they're impossible to get/find.
- The monters seem to be hitting much harder now compared to before and succeeding in laying down crits much more often.
- The cost of food and potions is often severly high compared to the amount of gold one can find or get for items which means I'm spending my time being BROKE.
Balancing DC is a monster of a task what with all the classes and the fact that the game needs to remain balanced for 100 levels. Your feedback is very important, so don't get discouraged.

Of the things you said, I can say that bags don't seem that rare to me. By bags do you mean real bags that hold 8 items? Because those are rare, but 6 item holders are quite plentiful in my experience, especially if you check up on vendors.

I see people complaining about the cost of food a lot. I think maybe the inflation rate should be lowered. The current inflation assumes that people should pay more money for stronger portions/food as they build up gold. However, in higher levels, the chances of dying are higher, so there's already a need for consuming more potions and food. Going broke because you're trying to survive is probably not a fun experience for most people. And since the main way to make money is from selling junk, it means that once you've hit a difficult dungeon floor you're really stuck, which is not good.

I'm also a little iffy about the quality food items, if only because you now have similar looking food that doesn't stack and takes up even more space in your inventory.
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