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Originally Posted by fab View Post
Whenever I stare at the inventory I want to press Pause but then it becomes annoying because you can't ID items when it is paused. Since the time it takes to ID items here seems mostly a feedback thing and have not much of a gameplay impact, perhaps a workaround would be to allow it to happen outside of the main game clock, while the game is paused.

I use a mod to make identifying/opening things really fast, along with making "Identify All" free at the crafting table and vendors (which is typically all I do). To me, the identifying aspect doesn't add anything other than frustration, so this lets me skip all of that.

That same post has a couple other convenience mods that I always use -- the "all backpacks are large backpacks" one is invaluable with the typical rarity of backpack drops and the small sizes until you get to the higher levels. And that obviously helps with filling up your inventory too quickly.

Regarding vendors (and the general rarity thereof), gold is much less important here than in prior Soldak games. Stash the top tier stuff, throw everything else through your Clan Armory from the crafting table to equip all your clan members automatically, trade to clans (use the "Anything you would like" button), and scrap the rest at the crafting table. Gold is always in short supply in the early levels, but you'll be rolling in it soon enough, with nothing worth spending it on.
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