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Default Upcoming changes in version 0.819

  • fixed missing LifeStolenPerHit translation (Eris Shrugged)
  • reworded LastChance, OverloadTransfer, and EscapeArtist descriptions a little (Eris Shrugged)
  • reworded EnergyTransfer description a little (Eris Shrugged)
  • virtual keyboard words now get translated
  • now dpad stuff can point to multiple ui elements (priority order)
  • improved dpad ui element movement on VirtualKeyboard, NewCharacter, and SetupWorld
  • now mouse position defaults to play button on main menu
  • now if menu opened with controller move cursor to a reasonable place
  • fixed race ship missiles not homing like they are supposed to
  • now highlighting star on worldmap or minimap shows star type
  • no longer shows primitive has gate for sale on gate map (Excellion)
  • now vampire skill leech applies to life/armor leech on kill (DysDaemoN)
  • fixed a bunch of missing sound/texture warnings (didn't touch the ones that are temporary and are a reminder that an asset needs to be added)
  • added Tactics/Skills line to UI Screens help topic
  • now can install power plants with enough engineering or helm
  • now can install power collectors with enough engineering or structure (Kurama Kitsune)
  • now can install power boost components with enough engineering or computers (Kurama Kitsune)
  • fixed character screen help alignment
  • fixed a powerful or rich player getting more relation points from a solved quest (Verdusk)
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