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There are a few things shadow that would be better if properly balanced. If you can look at them that would be awesome.


Bravery-This aura doesnt seem like it lasts long enough. Recasting it is a pain and considering that the regeneration aura lasts much longer, would it work if bravery got its duration put to 45 seconds or a minute.

Reaver: The reaver needs a few minor tweaks.

Breech-This is a lesser version of armor piercing. Armor piercing gives 35 pierce and 3% dw. Breech gives only 10 armor piercing and more deep wounds. From the look of the picture breech looks very deadly. Maybe instead of upping the armor pierce a lot, up the armor piercing to 15 and add a little critical bonus. 3% Percent. That way armor pierce for the assassin will always give more and breech will be unique.

The reaver also only gets .2% damage bonus while he should be at .3% since he is the twohanded weapon user. Any class that specializes in two-handed weapons should deal the most natural damage. The weapon master gets the same damage bonus and also has double masteries-arms mastery and all other weapons. Upping the damage by 1 wont hurt.

Thief: Not much else for the thief class. I do think that the concentrations would be cooler if you get 1 second off the reuse times per skill level. That would mean that at lvl 20, you get to use the skill 3 minutes and 10 seconds less. Not a bad deal.

Im still experimenting with the demon hunter class so ill add more when i can.
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